Basic Info:

9 months 
33 lbs 
Fun Fact:
Now Pandora! 
Foster Location:
Stoney Creek

Additional Info:

Good with kids 
Other Dogs?
Dog pal preferred 
Not Advised 
Activity Level:

BRITNEY – Lab Mix / 9 Months / 15 kg / F-Spayed

Beautiful Britney has grown into her ears (kind of) but she is still as stunning as ever. She has been a very easy houseguest for her foster family, sleeping overnight in her crate without a peep. She is housetrained, but has had a few puppy pees when she excitedly meets new people. She loves wrestling and snuggling with her canine foster bro, but we think she would be ok as a solo dog, provided there were a lot of planned playdates (ideally not of the dog park style). Lovely Brit did not pass her cat test, so cat free for her! She does jump up on people, so older sturdier kids are preferred.

On walks she is fab, as she loves to explore the world, and take in all there is to see. Sometimes she can be shy with new dogs on a leash, so intros should be slow to ensure she feels safe. Her future home will have a secure back yard, and a good supply of toys to play fetch with. A canine pup in the home would be great, but if she has humans home most of the time, she’d be fine without a pup.

If she sounds like the girl for you, please check out the adoption process and application at Her adoption fee is $750. If you are a family with kids, please check out our resources on kids and dogs before you apply. (