Fun FactVery sweet!

CAIPIRIÑA- Brindhoula Mix / 8 months / 15kg / F-Spayed / $500

Caipiriña, like most dogs her age, is sweet, playful and full of excitement. She is a little shy around humans at first but with patience and love she opens up and her true personality comes out. Caipiriña can be quite independent at times but her playful side shines when she is sharing her time and toys with other dogs.

Caipiriña’s happy place and ideal home will have a dog friend to spend time playing and running with in a fenced-in yard. Her special forever people will love her unconditionally, be calm and consistent with her as she settles in, and include her in as many of their daily activities and adventures as possible.

If you think Caipiriña is right for your family, please apply at If you are a family with kids, please check out our resources on kids and dogs before you apply (