Basic Info:

1 year 
35 lbs 
Fun Fact:
One of 5! 

Additional Info:

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CERSEI – Mexi Mutt/ 1 year / 14 Kg/F-Spayed / $450

Cersei is looking for a human that understands that good things are worth waiting for. With a little patience, she blooms like a flower and opens her heart to the people she trusts.

Because she is shy, Cersei is recommended for an adult household or for a family with older children that can indulge her peaceful nature.

She would do well as an only pet or could also be an excellent sidekick to another dog. If you are considering adding Cersei to your family as a companion for your current dog, we recommend her being matched with an even tempered companion.  Pairing her with a dominant dog risks reinforcing her timid nature. Cersei is indifferent to cats and would be ok to share a home with felines.

As with all puppies, Cersei will need training, exercise and boundaries. She will need her people to help her gain her confidence so that she can conquer walking on a leash.

To add this sweetheart to your family, visit www.dibsrescue.com or email contact@dibsrescue.com