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6 months 
16 lbs 
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Now Sefi! 
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Not yet! 

CRISTINA – Mexi-Lab Mix / 6 months / 7.5 kg / F-Spayed

Whether it be looking for your approval or another treat, Cristina is always looking up with her big puppy eyes! She is naturally the sweetest and most gentle puppy her foster parents have ever met. She LOVES her people! Her gentle and loving temperament makes her great with most people. She accepts all head pats and belly rubs! We assume she would do well with respectful kids.

Cristina is still coming out of her shell and gaining confidence, so her new family must be willing to dedicate time to her ongoing training. She enjoys the safety and comfort of her crate. She will often grab a toy or chew stick and decompress/ entertain herself there. She sleeps in her crate through the night like a pro! She has run away with a slipper or 2 but is not destructive at all. She loves all kinds of toys and is trusted to roam her fosters home freely. Cristina is not house trained yet, but she is well on her way! She’s comfortable doing her business outside. She needs work walking on a leash, but is showing signs of improvement each walk. She is such a smart girl, easy to train and bonus – very food motivated!

Cristina’s ideal home can be a house or a condo – since she loves frolicking in the grass, she would love a yard, or easy access to a green space. She isn’t vocal, and isn’t phased by street traffic or construction noises. As mentioned, a family committed to her training is necessary, who can give her a lot of love and attention. Cristina benefits from having good mentors in the home: humans and dogs alike. A future dog pal who is gentle would be ideal for this sweet, and sometimes timid, girl.

If you’d like to apply for Cristina, please visit Her adoption fee is $870. If you are a family with kids, please check out our resources on kids and dogs before you apply (