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Fun FactOne of 5!

DAENERYS – Mexi Mutt/ 1 year / 16 Kg/F-Spayed / Adoption Fee $450

Daenerys is a cheerful and energetic pup who would thrive in a home that will satisfy her lust for life and adventure. An outdoorsy and energetic family or adult would be an excellent fit for this beauty.

As a puppy he needs exercise, boundaries and training. Daenerys is an enthusiastic walker so he’ll definitely need some leash training and an owner that wants to work with him on finding the correct tools and equipment so you can both enjoy your time walking together.

Daenerys enjoys people of all ages. She is timid around cats but enjoys their company as long as they are gentle with her. She is at her best when plating with his puppy pals and loves all dogs.

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