Basic Info:

1 year 
22 lbs 
Fun Fact:
Now Charlie! 

Additional Info:

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DOBBY – Lab cross / 1 year / 10 kg / F-Spayed / $450

Just like the Dobby in Harry Potter, our DIBS Dobby is happiest right by your side. She loves her people and her 4 legged friends too (dogs and cats). She is housetrained and walks well on her leash. She is getting used to our colder weather and has been a very good sport about wearing a sweater. Dobby looks for ways to please and to bring joy and happiness to those around her. She shows no signs of food or toy possessiveness and even seems happy to share treats with her canine foster sister. Dobby would be fine with or without a dog pal and could live happily with a cat. She hasn’t spent much time with kids, but we expect that she would be great with children who are old enough to interact respectfully with dogs. Dobby’s looking for people who have lots of time for her and a home with a yard.

If you are interested in Dobby please apply at Families with children should review the information on Kids and Dogs on the DIBS website before applying (