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1.5 years 
50 lbs 
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Now Jackson! 
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DONALD – Lab Mix / 1.5 years / 23 kg / M-Neutered
Donald is a gentle giant (giant by Mexican standards….just normal for Canadian standards).  While he is a lab-mix, just think “lab”.  He loves belly rubs, power naps, is so sweet, and can sniff out a bag of treats like a pro (even if it means taking counter surfing to a whole new level, Donald will find the treats!)
We know he was neglected in his past life, and this whole “unconditional love” is taking him a minute!  Initially he was confused by toys, but he is learning how to dog again. And, he may even be reliving those missed puppy years. He is a big unsure of himself, and we want a future home to have a confident dog pal to let him know that new sounds, mirrors,  and new experiences are no biggie!  He passed his cat test.
We got a good update from his foster family!  “He has been so good, and is learning pretty quick! He will sit and lay down for treats, and has learned that jumping up doesn’t get him anywhere haha. He loves to snuggle, and likes to run around in the backyard to get some of his energy out. He does really well on walks, walking right beside us most of the time with little leash pressure. He’s never reacted to anything on walks (other than scaring himself by walking into a bush!!!!), and he sleeps all night in his crate. We’re still working on the housetraining, but accidents have decreased as he starts to understand that this is his space now, too. He loves people, and has met a few of our close family/friends outdoors and loves the attention. He can get a bit nippy/mouthy when he gets excited, putting his mouth around your leg or arm, so if there are young kids that would be a concern. When he does this, we will cross our arms and ignore him until he settles down, which usually happens pretty quickly.”
If you think Donald could be a match, do check out our adoption process and application at His adoption fee is $750. If you are a family with kids, please check out our resources on kids and dogs before you apply (