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11 months 
28 lbs 
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Golden Boy! 
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Good with kids 
Other Dogs?
Dog pal needed 
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EINSTEIN – Lab Mix / 11 Months / 13kg / M-Neutered

You’d think Einstein would be bummed that his forever family hasn’t come along yet, but he is in his element and happy as can be! He has a foster family that loves him, he has the best canine and feline siblings to chill with, and he knows that his peeps will come along.

Before you say “Wait, it sounds like he is already home” – he isn’t! His foster family loves him to bits, but they know this kid is ready to leave the nest. He turns one in January and we would love him to celebrate his birthday with his new family. When he first came to Canada he was very shy and overwhelmed with all the new things being thrown his way – traffic, new sounds, smells, a new language, living in a house. It can be hard for a dog to take it all in and Einstein is very thoughtful and he loves to understand what is going on around him before barging in. At home, when things get a bit extra, he is happy to retreat to his crate (door open, please!) and watch for a minute.

Foster mom is always beaming with pride over E, and we asked he loves most and she had a list! “His people + his canine foster brother! He is loving and affectionate. He also loves his toys (isn’t destructive, but loves to chew); soft beds; ear scratches and belly rubs. He loves to run! When we are outside he loves to jump, bounce, run, and hop (like a gazelle, or a kangaroo!). He loves the snow, and chasing a ball (he never brings it back). Due to his shy nature, we’d love for him to go to a home with a secure yard, and a dog pal to join in the fun!

If you are still with us (we know…this is a long bio), we are thankful you stuck with us. His kindness is really lovely, and we know his match is out there!

If you have an existing dog and think Einstein could be the one for you, check out the adoption process and application at www.dibsrescue.com. His adoption fee is $750. If you are a family with older kids, please check out our resources on kids and dogs before you apply (https://dibsrescue.com/kids-dogs/). Ideally, no young kids in his future home, just because he can be shy within chaos.