Basic Info:

Approved, Pending Meet & Greet 
4 years 
4 lbs 
Fun Fact:
Wee fella! 
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Other Dogs?
Good with dogs 
Not Advised 
Not Required 
Activity Level:
Not yet! 

GOLIATH – Yorkie Mix / 4.5 Years / 1.8kg / M-Neutered

Wonky little Goliath has a handful of apps and we are not reviewing more at this time. Sorry!

Goliath is a perfect little imperfect pup looking for a second chance. He was given up on after he had a bad fall, but his tipsy walk only adds to his charm. His foster mom has high praise – “He is just such a pleasure to have around.”

Goliath has a tendency to follow his peeps where they go, but is just fine on his own too. He plays well and gets along great with the other dogs in his foster home. He sleeps nicely in his crate and housetraining is not quite there yet, but progressing!

We’ve established that Goliath is a good boy: now for his needs in a future home. Due to his wee size, a lot of stairs would be a no-go for him. He can manage a couple but probably not a whole flight (apartment dwellers, this may be the guy for you!). Goliath is adorable, tiny, and not food motivated but that doesn’t mean boundaries and proper training aren’t just as important. He’s got a wonky walk and his teeth will need a little extra TLC, but this sweetheart is worth it. We are looking for a cat-free home for Goliath.

To apply to adopt Goliath, check out the adoption process and application at www.dibsrescue.com. His adoption fee is $750. If you are a family with kids, please check out our resources on kids and dogs before you apply (https://dibsrescue.com/kids-dogs/).