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6 months 
25 lbs 
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Sweet (with a bit of D... 
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Good with kids 
Other Dogs?
Dog pal needed 
Good with Cats 
Not Required 
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Not yet! 

HALI – Lab cross /6 months / 12 kg /F-Spayed / $450

Hali has beautiful green eyes and ginger fur. We’re not sure, but we think she could be Irish. She is a sweet tempered girl, a little shy, affectionate and VERY chill for such a young puppy. Her foster mom says that being near Hali is like meditating, but more fun. Hali is very smart and exceptionally well mannered. She knows how to sit and stay for treats, she’s housetrained and crate trained. She’s also really good on leash–she likes to trot along right beside her people. Hali is reserved with new people. She’s gentle and interested, but likes to check people out before coming in for a careful greeting. Hali is wonderful at meeting and greeting other gentle dogs and enjoys spending time with other dogs who have a gentle play style. Hali’s looking for a calm family to match her chill energy. Being a young pup, Hali is still learning about sharing resources and might not do well with small people or pushy pups who are likely to grab her toys from her. Hali’s looking for people who have lots of time to devote to her. She would do best with people who don’t have to leave her alone for long stretches of time. Because Hali is so well mannered and quiet she would make an ideal “take to work” dog. She was cat tested in Mexico and passed with flying colours.