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10 months 
20 lbs 
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Now Izzy! 
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Good with kids 
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Not yet! 

ISIS – Mexi Labrador / 9 months / 11 KG / F-spayed / $450

Isis is one of five beautiful black pups born to a young street dog named Kali and the only girl in her litter. When Kali was reported as a threat to authorities because she was protecting her little pack a little too fiercely, our rescue partner stepped in to ensure the whole family had a safe place to thrive. The group of pups has become legendary in Cozumel and are known as the Kalians in tribute to their loving mother.

Isis is the friendliest of her siblings and adores people. She is gentle and affectionate and does well with children of all ages. Isis is timid and will need her new family to help her in meeting any new dogs. If you are considering adding Isis to your home with an existing dog, we’d recommend her being paired with another gentle canine companion. Isis is not recommended for a home with cats.

Isis is still just a puppy and will need her pawrents to provide her with structure and guidance to become a balanced and happy member of your pack.

Please send your questions about Isis to or go ahead and apply at

Kali now is already living her happily forever after in a wonderful adoptive home in Canada.