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2 years 
40 lbs 
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Forever Jessy! 
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Good with kids 
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JESSY – Lab Mix / 2 years / 18kg / F-Spayed

Jessy is an affectionate companion who is the ultimate people-friendly pet. Jessy loves human interaction, seeking warm greetings, cozy cuddles, and engaging playtime. Fostered by a mom who insists Jessy will be your devoted best friend, this charming girl is determined to prove her right!

Jessy’s favorite pastimes include a liking for plush, crinkly toys, often embarking on missions to gather treasures under the kitchen table. Training sessions, filled with treats, showcase Jessy’s quick learning and impressive tricks like sitting and waiting. Fully house and crate trained, Jessy’s cozy crate is a favorite spot for peaceful naps. Leash walks are a delight with Jessy’s excellent manners, ensuring a pleasant experience.

Jessy is a flexible girl, comfortable as both an independent pup and a social butterfly. Whether enjoying solo moments or engaging with canine pals, she adapts effortlessly. Jessy would be content as the only dog in the home, showcasing independence, yet she thrives when meeting other dogs on walks or in the home, revealing her friendly and adaptable nature. So if she were a solo dog she would benefit from plenty of playdates to keep her social side shining.

In her forever home, Jessy will need a fully fenced yard to play in. She’s suited for an active lifestyle, and is the perfect match for those appreciating walks, playtime, and exciting escapades. Whether with a furry friend or independently, Jessy is adaptable, even open to sharing space with feline friends! An ideal situation would involve humans around most of the time, maximizing precious moments together.

If you are interested in adopting Jessy, please check out for the adoption process and application. Her adoption fee is $750. If you are a family with kids, please check out our resources on kids and dogs before you apply (