Basic Info:

10 months 
35 lbs 
Fun Fact:
Loves to play! 

Additional Info:

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JUNE – Border Collie Cross/10 Months/16kg/F-Spayed/$450

Attention all joggers/runners! We’ve got a running buddy looking for her training partner! Who needs a running App when you have June to keep you motivated with her puppy-dog eyes? June has boatloads of puppy energy and will benefit from the energy release as much as you. She also loves to hike and explore her new environment; the fresh Canadian air agrees with this Mexi girl!

Because June is go-go-go and still just learning how to channel her energy, she’ll need her forever family to continue her training and set boundaries. June loves to play and would do best to be the “only-child” at the center of your universe. Because June can get wound-up playing, she would do best in a home with adults only or as the member of a family with teenagers.

June is not recommended for a household with cats and is still working being accident free. June is smart as a whip and her foster parents think she’ll master her house training in the next few days!

To apply, please visit www.dibsrescue.com or e-mail contact@dibsrescue.com