Basic Info:

1.5 years 
40 lbs 
Fun Fact:
All smiles! 

Additional Info:

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KAI – Labbish Mexi / 18 months / 20Kg / F-Spayed / $450

Kai is a medium energy level girl, walks well on leash and gets along with dogs and people. Kai is a confident outgoing girl who loves to play. She would love a large yard of her own to run and play in. For a Mexi-girl, she has taken a shine to the snow and great outdoors. She would make an excellent hiking companion for an active owner.

Kai is also extremely affectionate and obedient. She wears her Pawz boots without a fuss and passed her cat test with flying colors. She looked, sniffed, then ignored, as there was a person there who needed to be kissed!.

Rescue Story: Our pretty Kai joined us at Playa Animal Rescue in Mexico in October when she was traveling found with Osa, who we think might be her mother. They were hanging out on the beach, not a great place for dogs, it’s illegal for them to be there. We assume they didn’t know any better, and were not breaking the law on purpose!

For more information on Kai, please email us at contact@dibsrescue.com or apply at www.dibsrescue.com