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1 year 
30 Lbs 
Fun Fact:
Now Lucy! 

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KELLEY – Lab cross / 1 year /13.5 Kg / F-Spayed / $450

Are you looking for your new BFF? If the answer is yes, Kelley is your girl. This sweet and happy pup loves nothing more than hanging with her people. If cuddling was an Olympic sport, this girl would get a gold medal!

Kelley is great with other dogs and loves to play at the dog park. She is a bit more on the mellow side and is pretty submissive; so she is more comfortable around dogs who are on that same mellow vibe. She would do best with a chill dog sibling who she could hang out with all. day. long. Cat siblings are a bonus too! Though they might have to be a little patient with her. Good with people, dogs and cats? Yep, she’s pretty close to perfect.

Kelley is happy and curious and does have puppy energy. This is something to keep in mind if you have little ones in your family. She travels well, both by car and on her leash, and would love to be part of your family adventures.

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