Lady Bird & Pearl

Basic Info:

3 years 
130 lbs 
Fun Fact:
Bonded for life! 
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Additional Info:

Good with kids 
Other Dogs?
Good with dogs 
Good with Cats 
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PEARL & LADY BIRD – Saint Dane / 3 Years / 130 lbs each / F-Spayed

Meet gentle giants – Lady Bird and Pearl. (Pearl is the one with the pearl coloured spot on her nose). These sisters have spent their entire lives together and are best friends (and bonded). They have grown up in a family – kids, cats, dogs – you name it. They love to spend their days chilling on their dogs beds, sampling their antler chews.

They are considered low energy and they look forward to their regular strolls around the neighbourhood. In the home, they are perfect: not destructive, house-trained, happy to doze in their cozy beds overnight. Currently, their mom works from home, and they are calm when she leaves the home for errands. They are great with kids and have lived with young children their entire lives, however we suggest older kids only due to their size. In their home, they have lived with a senior cat and were incredibly gentle with her.

They are really good girls and they listen well. They know sit, leave it, this way (aka come), and aim to please. Their mom has made their treats for them, but they aren’t picky at all: will work for treats. They love affection and while they won’t climb onto the furniture, they will want to nap with their head in your lap.

If you can see yourself with these two beauties being part of your day to day, please fill out an application at While these dogs are with their family and not DIBS dogs, we are working together to help find their forever family. Their adoption fee is $650