Basic Info:

4.5 years 
44 lbs 
Fun Fact:
Playful girl! 
Foster Location:

Additional Info:

Older kids only 
Other Dogs?
Dog pal needed 
Not Advised 
Activity Level:

LIBERTY – Cattle Dog Mix / 4.5 Years / 20kg / F–Spayed

We can’t believe Liberty hasn’t received a single application yet!

Liberty is a delightful and adaptable pup who quickly wins over everyone she meets with her charm and sweetness. Here are some highlights about Liberty:

Adaptable: Liberty adjusts to new routines quickly, taking only a day or two to settle.
Great Social Skills: She forms bonds easily, navigates groups of people and other dogs with a curious and cautious demeanor.
Expressive and Easily Comforted: Liberty clearly communicates her emotions through body language and can be soothed with gentle redirection and words.
Passions: She loves water and playing with sticks and frisbees! She’s always up for a game of fetch!
Growing Confidence and Skills: Liberty is growing into a confident pup, she excels at leash walking, and thrives in social settings like pack walks.

However, Liberty also has some specific needs to ensure she’s happy and comfortable:

Not a Fan of Busy Environments: Liberty is uncomfortable with busy traffic or loud noises.
Need for Companionship: She enjoys being close to her loved ones and does best in a household where people are mostly home.

Liberty is searching for her forever home, where she can continue to grow and build confidence. She would love a quiet, suburban setting, perhaps near a lake or body of water, plus a fully fenced yard for exploration and play! Liberty would do best with a furry companion to play with and learn from. She also would like a home with adults only, or a family with older teens who understand boundaries. Please no cats! If you can provide a loving, patient, and understanding home, Liberty is ready to become your loyal and loving companion.

If you are looking for a canine bestie, and Liberty has caught your eye, we would love to see your application – Her adoption fee is $750. She is fostered in Mississauga.