Adopted 2018Status
Fun FactIncredible pup!


LITA – Lab Mexi-Mix / 3.5 years / 13kg / F-Spayed / $450

Lita is one incredible girl – she is sweet and kind and doesn’t ask for much more than your unconditional love. She is polite and reserved, and in a new situation she does take a moment and assess what is going on (this applies to new people and new dogs) She is very respectful of cats so will do well living with felines. She is looking for a home where the people want to shower her with pets and love!

She tends to pick her favourite person in the house and focus on them (Mom typically wins). She also has superb jumping skills so a high secure fenced yard is a must for this girl.

If you are looking for your special someone, it may be Lita!

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