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1 year 
18 lbs 
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Sweet & shy! 
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MALFOY – terrier cross / 1 year old / 7.5kg / M-Neutered / $450

If you have the perfect dog and are looking for another – Malfoy is your guy!!! He is an incredible wee guy, who takes cues from his canine mentors. If your dog loves walks, so does Malfoy? Cuddle time – he’s in! (Please note, this works in reverse too – if your dog has a bit too much sass, Malfoy will join in!)

He has a lot going for him: he loves to cuddle, belly rubs, enjoys his family and he doesn’t have a mean bone in him. He is crate trained, house trained, and walks well on a leash. He plays really well with other dogs and doesn’t seem to pay much attention to cats. Malfoy has been introduced to a raw diet to get him to eat and he really enjoys his meals now. His foster family has been working with him, introducing him to many new things even doggie day camp and he is doing so well with all the new fun things.

He would benefit needs a quiet home, a fully fenced yard, and a dog pal/mentor. Older kids only as he gets scared of loud noises and doesn’t want to be chased.

For more info, please email his foster mom at , and to fill out an application, visit