Basic Info:

1.5 years 
30 Lbs 
Fun Fact:
Heart of Gold 
Foster Location:

Additional Info:

Older kids only 
Other Dogs?
Good with dogs 
OK with Supervision 
Activity Level:

MANDARINA – Lab Mix / 1.5 Years / 14kg / F-Spayed

Mandarina is a bubbly pup with a playful and goofy personality that shines brighter each day. She’s always ready to bounce into the room for a warm greeting and a loving pat. Mandarina is a well-behaved companion, she’s fully house trained and she sleeps peacefully in her bed at night. She loves being close to her humans and toys are her treasure, you’ll often find her with a stuffed toy close by.

Mandarina is a medium energy dog who currently gets a morning and evening walk and lots of time in the yard. She’s currently working on mastering leash manners and is improving steadily. She might bark at other dogs during walks, but she’s learning and making progress. Mandarina is always eager to make new acquaintances, while she can be a bit hesitant at first, she’s curious and warms up quickly. Her confidence is growing every day.

Training-wise, Mandarina has mastered commands like sit, down, touch, and wait. Her recall is also improving nicely. She’s a quick learner and enjoys the mental stimulation that training provides. Mandarina gets along well with her foster sisters and knows when it’s time to stop playing when told. She’s a social butterfly who enjoys the company of both humans and other dogs.

Mandarina’s future home will have a fully fenced yard for her to run around in and explore at her own pace. She’ll need her people home most of the time as she is a people-dog, she makes a great work-from-home companion! Mandarina can be overly curious of cats, so if there are cats in the home they will need to be dog-savvy. Mandarina is a bouncy pup, so she’d prefer a home with older kids. Most of all Mandarina is looking for a family to call her own.

If Mandarina seems like she could be your new best friend, please check out for the adoption process and application. Her adoption fee is $750. If you are a family with kids, please check out our resources on kids and dogs before you apply (