Adopted 2017Status
Breed, ,
Fun FactHas a rescue video!
Female / Spayed / $425
Breed Guess: Lab, hound
Age: 2.5 year
Weight: 15kg
MARCELI is in the house! This confident girl is very sweet and energetic. She loves to play and be around people and kids. It’s unbelievable how confident she was at her first day at the dog park today. She played well most of the time and kept going up to the other dog parents for attention! Marceli let me know when she wanted to go home and she followed me with no problem. She would do well with or without another dog, but is a little too confident to be around cats. Even though Marceli likes to go outdoors with you, she needs some reminding on the leash to stay with you. Nothing that training won’t help!
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