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MARTE – Mexi Labrador / 9 months / 12 KG / M-neutered / $450

Marte is a born explorer and he loves to go for walks! Marte already sits to get his meal and learns quickly. With regular walks and access to the outdoors, we expect him to pick up house-training very quickly.

Since arrive in Canada, Marte is proving to be a happy go lucky puppy who loves to give kisses! He is very curious and has investigated every square inch of the house. He is working on his leash skills (pretty good so far) and is mastering how to get down the front stairs. Not too interested in playing with toys but he loves to get pets and then curl up for a nap. Very minimal barking and a good mixture of puppy energy while still chilled out and relaxed.  Sadly, he failed his cat testing!

He is a bit of an awkward teen, and would be best with a dog pal to show him the ropes!

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