Matilda & Xtulin

Basic Info:

9 months 
14 lbs 
Fun Fact:
Now Maddie & Zeus! 

Additional Info:

Other Dogs?
Activity Level:

XTULIN РSpaniel cross / 9 months / 7 kg / M-Neutered 
MATILDA – Spaniel cross / 9 months / 6 kg / F-Spayed

*Xtulin and Matilda are part of our Foster to Adopt program. We are not accepting applications for them at this time.

Xtulin and Matilda are a small brother and sister duo who do absolutely everything together and are looking for a family who will adopt them together. They’re sweet, happy and playful puppies. Their rescuer in Mexico describes them as being little angels who are full of joy and love. Xtulin and Matilda have been well socialized. They’ve spent time with children, cats and other dogs and they seem to be great with everyone. These smart pups love to learn and are already housetrained. Because of their age, they’ll need people who are ready for puppy energy and will have lots of time to spend with them.

If you are interested in Xtulin and Matilda please apply at or email us at for more information.