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MOLLY – Low Rider-Terrier Mix / 3.5 years / 10kg / F-Spayed / $500

Molly is a little bundle of fun! If you are up for an adventure, so is Molly! She is a big personality in a small body

She is a spunky little girl and so full of love. In her foster home, she may think her name is “No Kisses” – her tongue is always ready to kiss, if you just get close enough! In the home she is perfectly crate trained, and is close to mastering her house-training. She loves her walks, but may pull a bit, as she is so excited. With her toys, she is so gentle (we think it’s because she loves them all so much).

She has so many fun things about her, and she keeps her foster family laughing. Despite being a low rider, she can jump into the back of a jeep with ease (3x her height?). She chatters when she plays, and she is always up to wrestle with her canine foster sisters. In the back yard, she gets the cutest zoomies, followed by a flat out pancake in the grass (it’s like she loves the feel and smell of the lawn). She is one of the happiest dogs ever!

She is quite people focused, and loves to be around her humans. As she loves to play, a dog pal would be great for her. She is good with cats too, but as she does like to play (yes that is a theme with her!) we suggest that a cat not be her only pet in the house. If there are no other pets, she’d be fine, as long as the humans are up for a lot of playtime!

Her ideal home will have a secure back yard, be quite active, and a dog playmate is a bonus. If you have ever wanted an agility dog, Molly is your girl!

If you are interested in Molly, please apply at If you are a family with kids, please check out our resources on kids and dogs before you apply (https\://