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3 years 
23 lbs 
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Has 2 Names! 
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NIGEL – Rat Terrier Mix / 3 Years / 11 kg / M – Neutered

This sweet guy is looking for his forever home and is SO cool that he even has two names; Nigel or sometimes Lalo. He is a big people lover, when relaxing you’ll usually find him snuggled right up to someone. Rescued from a Mexican neighbourhood with an injured leg, he was taken to where his leg could properly heal and now no limp in sight! He can run and walk perfectly and very much enjoys playing with his dog pals and being around his people.

Nigel has medium energy and is very curious, using his nose to asses new situations or things before getting too close. He LOVES playing with other dogs and would most likely thrive with another dog playmate in the home to grow his confidence! This guy has great leash manners but when he spots another dog while on walks he can bark sometimes. But this can be fixed with patience and the right training!

He loves to be zip around so would love a home with a secured backyard. Friendly Nigel passed his cat test, of course! He was very intrigued but didn’t get too close, using his sniffer to check out this new thing. Sudden movements made him jump, but he quickly recovered and was very calm about it! Keeping this in mind, proper introductions and a dog savvy cat would make a great friend for Nigel! It is unknown whether he is house trained.

So far Nigel has stolen the hearts of all the people he’s met! How could he not with that adorable face? If Nigel feels like the right guy for you, apply at If you are a family with (older) kids, please check out our resources on kids and dogs before you apply. His adoption fee is $750.