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2 years 
15 lbs 
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Now Peach! 

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NOVA – Terrier Mix / 2 years / 6.9 kg / F-Spayed / $500

This adorable little lovebug is Nova! Nova’s foster parents have said that she is a complete ball of love. She loves snuggles and cuddles, and has no problem flopping over for a few belly rubs. She’s quite calm and happy, though she does have good bursts of energy. If you have an office that allows dogs, Nova is the perfect bring-to-work buddy!

Nova seems pretty independent and we don’t think a dog pal is absolutely necessary, however she really loves other dogs, so we’d love to see her getting lots of doggie play dates if she is the only pup in the home. She’s also perfectly fine with cats. She loves to roam around the backyard, and so a fenced yard would be ideal, however it’s not critical provided she is getting enough outdoor time. Nova is also on her way to being housetrained.

Nova really is the sweetest pup and would make such a great addition to any family. If you’d like to apply for Nova, please visit If you’re a family with kids, please check out our resources on kids and dogs before you apply (