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OLIVE – Mexi Mix / 1.5 years / 24 kg / F-Spayed / $450

This pretty girl is Olive. She is so sweet and very loving despite not being shown that same love in her past. Olive is very eager to please and is always excited to see her people. Almost as excited as she gets when she sees other furry friends. She loooooves other dogs. Olive is a high energy pup and so loves to run and play with other dogs.

If you love to be active, Olive could be your new best friend. Since she has so much energy to burn, she would be great as a running buddy. So no doubt Olive’s new family will need to be an active one. Bonus: she is good on a leash. Olive thinks everybody wants to play with her and she doesn’t get why cats won’t play back, so a feline free house would be best.

If you think you could be perfect for Olive, email at contact@dibsrescue.com or apply atĀ www.dibsrescue.com