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10 months 
30 Lbs 
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Male / Neutered / $425
Breed Guess: Lab / Hound
Age: 10 months
Weight: 15kg (33lbs)

Well – there may be few things in life cuter than Orion! He is physically stunning, from the beautiful brown brown eyes, right down the tip of his hacked off tail nub! And, he has the most amazing mark on his back. But, beyond the physical, he is adorable. His eyes have such expression. He tilts his head just so, when kitten walks by. He is so excited to see Bella. And, discovering the toy box! Amazing! He loves everything. He made a toy squeak and was so excited. Watching him is like watching a baby take first steps. When you stop petting him he will reach out with his paw to remind. If you get your face close, you will get kisses on the nose.
He seems to be housebroken (but it’s still early – stay tuned!)
What a freaking gem of a dog! He will do well in a house with another dog or many people to keep him busy.

For more info on Orion, please contact his foster mom Christine at creio@hotmail.com