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2 years 
12 lbs 
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Calm personality but l... 

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Peluche – ADOPTED!!!
Male / Neutered / $425
Scruffy Terrier mix
2 years old / 12 lb
Peluche was found as a stray on the streets in Playa del Carmen. Karina (a Coco’s Animal Welfare vet) took him in and after searching for his owners for 2 weeks with no luck we figure he was either abandoned or his owners were not looking for him. Peluche gets along with dogs as well as cats. He is good on a leash and he likes car rides! He is a good boy and his demeanor is calm. He still has energy and likes playing with other dogs and going for walks. Foster parents are still workign on potty training but he is starting to get the hang of it. His adopters will need to continue working with him on this department. He is crate trained. Peluche is afraid of thurders storms but he is not destructive in the house. He  just shakes and tries to hide. Poor little guy! A thunder shirt will be very beneficial for him!
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