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3.5 years 
35 lbs 
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Good with kids 
Other Dogs?
Dog pal needed 
Good with Cats 
Not Required 
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Not yet! 

POLAR – Mini Lab Mexi-Mix / 3.5 years / 17kg / M-neutered / $450

Are you looking to add the perfect 4-legged friend to your family? Meet Polar! This happy-go-lucky dude is the best. He’s super affectionate with his humans, walks well on leash, is NOT vocal in the house, and loves to run and play fetch… just don’t expect him to bring the ball right back. Did we mention he loves to run? Polar would LOVE to be someone’s loyal running buddy, or for his forever home to have a fenced in yard where he can zip and zoom all day!

Polar is a little too interested in cats, so we wouldn’t recommend that, but he currently lives with another DIBS adoptable, Thalia, and they both get along well! Polar does need proper introductions when meeting new dogs (like, Hi, please don’t sniff my butt without asking. Thanks.), but he’ll warm up and play once he knows the other dog is cool.

Polar is crate trained and will happily sleep there with no complaints (he’ll also snooze right beside you if you let him). Polar’s currently working on doing his business outside, so his forever family will need to take him out regularly to continue his training. He also likes to jump up and say “I’m so happy to see you!”, but is learning there are other more appropriate ways to express his excitement. Because of this, we do recommend that his forever family have older children who can handle this sweet guy’s level of love.

Polar is very treat motivated, so with a lot of patience and consistency, he’ll show you just how far he’ll go to please his humans. If you’re into receiving unconditional love in the form of kisses and rapid tail wags, apply for Polar today at www.dibsrescue.com or email us at contact@dibsrescue.com