Poppy Brown

Adopted 2017Status
Fun FactAmazing canine playmate!

POPPY – Lab cross / 10 months old / 11kg / F-Spayed / $450

Poppy Brown is ready for her family! She’s getting pretty cute with her requests for affection: she will poke your leg until you pet her, or poke and stare for food. She loves to play, so a canine playmate would be great for her. She is fast and loves to run and leap. She does try to engage the cat in play, but knows which cat to try with and she respects kitten when playing isn’t on the agenda. She is crate trained and sleeps well at night. She is sweet and gentle. She will be a great pet and a super companion for an existing dog. Kids, dogs, cats – all good!

Worth repeating – she needs to be with an existing dog.

For more info, please contact creio@hotmail.com or apply at www.dibsrescue.com