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10 months 
10 lbs 
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So many new laps to sit on!

Rebecca is a beautiful little dog with a sweet personality. She is afraid of strangers and will need time to warm up but once she gets to know you she will want all the attention she can get.  You are guaranteed to have a smile on your face every time you see her.  She is funny, curious, busy, smart and cute:  The whole package.

Rebecca is good with cats and other dogs.  She is still learning to play, and as a result is a bit “mouthy” so we recommend a home for her without small children. She is very young and has a lot to learn.  A family committed to taking her to obedience classes is a must.

Rebecca is house trained and waits in her crate patiently and quietly for her foster parents to come home.   Her leash  manners have to improve, she is afraid of the leash and will stop and lay down at times if she feels pushed – a good harness and retractable leash give her the comfort that she needs on her walks. She will need help and patience with this as she learns to trust.