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1 year 
30 Lbs 
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Loves to play 
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Other Dogs?
Good with dogs 
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Not Required 
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RIO – Mini Lab Mix / 14 months / 12.6 kg / M-Neutered

Say hello to the charismatic and oh so handsome Rio! Don’t let his beauty and charm melt you too soft because this boy loves to challenge and be challenged. Rio is happy and will do best with a strong leader that will know when to give and take with his vibrant personality. We are keen to find him a forever home with dog savvy and experienced owners that can provide him with confidence and structure.
Rio has two settings – GO GO GO and faaaaaast asleep. Rio has recently started running training and this may just do the trick to get rid of the zoomie zooms. When running with his foster mom he is so engaged and loves to feel the wind flapping through his ears.
Rio loves to play with his toys. He carries them around showing them off with real pride. And, he loves a good game of fetch. His excited setting is super goofy and playful. He does need some work to get his play a bit gentler as he has been known to get a bit carried away and wacky.
Rio is a really smart little man who can sit, down, stay, and shake, with both paws! Down and stay are a bit challenging, but intentions and desire to do his best are there. We think he will be perfectly suited for agility training one day. Leash skills are leaps and bounds from arrival. He does need a handler with similar determination to keep him in line. Rio is fully house trained. Even needing to be woken up some mornings to get up and going.

The ideal home for Rio is one where he has people home most of the time. He would do perfectly fine in an apartment, because of his smaller size, but does need a regular outlet for running and playing. He has been known to be a bit bossy when interacting with other dogs: he loves to lead his crew.
He has not done well so far with cats and will most likely will need cat free home. We are looking for kid-free home, only due to the fact that he needs a few months work on his play.

If you’d like to apply for Rio, please visit His adoption fee is $550.