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1.5 years 
30 Lbs 
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Gentle Survivor 
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RITA – Mini Lab-Shepherd Mix / 1.5 Years / 14kg / F–Spayed

Rita is a survivor who has conquered every obstacle life has thrown her way. Despite enduring unimaginable hardships on the unforgiving streets, Rita’s spirit remains unbroken. She faced the pain of being struck by a car, leaving her temporarily unable to move. On top of that, she battled wounds and parasites that threatened her well-being. But thanks to the unwavering dedication and love of our rescue team, Rita’s transformation has been incredible.

Today, Rita stands tall as a living testament to the impact that compassion can have on a sweet soul. Her health has significantly improved, and her vibrant personality shines through. With every ounce of attention, love, Rita’s true self has emerged, radiating warmth and affection.

Rita adores humans and finds solace in the company of other dogs. Her intelligence and obedience make her a quick learner, always eager to pick up new habits and commands. But it’s her playful spirit that truly captures hearts. Rita’s loyalty is matched only by her gentle, mellow demeanor, which has a way of melting away the worries of those around her.

In her ideal home, Rita dreams of a place where she can truly thrive. A fully fenced yard would allow her to indulge in her love for play and free time. She envisions a family that appreciates plenty of walks with lots of exploration. And if her forever home already has other canine companions, Rita will seamlessly integrate into the pack, as she gets along famously with her furry friends. Bonus, she passed her cat test in Mexico!

If you are looking for a canine bestie, and Rita has caught your eye, we would love to see your application – www.dibsrescue.com. Her adoption fee is $750.