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1 year 
26 lbs 
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So sweet 
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Dog pal needed 
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RUE – Mini-Lab Mix / 1 year / 13kg / F-Spayed

The best way to describe Rue, is that she is the total package. She is gentle, sweet, quiet, and aims to please! With her big brown eyes, it is impossible not to love her.

Though she is still a young pup, Rue is well behaved. Inside she is quiet, and respectful. She spends her time curled up nearby foster mom sleeping, and she recently discovered dog beds and thinks they are totally awesome. She also loves receiving affection, and is happy as long as she is with you. Rue sleeps without a peep in her crate, and is comfortable with some independent time in her crate. She is friendly with new dogs and people, though people seem to be her favourite so far.

Outside, Rue really shines! She absolutely loves adventures, and walks are her favourite. She checks in often with her foster mom and canine sis for cues, and ensures she keeps up with the pack. She can zig zag when walking on a leash, however she isn’t much of a puller. In fact, if foster mom stops during walks, she will usually sit and wait patiently.

While Rue does sound pretty perfect (she is!), she would benefit from some training to help her gain more confidence. She can be weary of loud sounds (busses, loud engines) and will need some reassurance that everything is okay. A quieter area would be ideal for her, though she can likely work through her fear with time and guidance. She is very food motivated, and eager to please.

Rue’s ideal home is with people who are home often, and willing to give her the affection she craves. She would love a yard, or adopters who are keen on getting outside multiple times a day (walks, hiking etc). She will need a dog pal in the home to show her the ropes and give her confidence. She is very gentle and would likely do well with respectful kids who understand her boundaries. She also passed her cat test in Mexico.

If Rue seems is the girl for you, take a look at the adoption process and application at Her adoption fee is $750. If you are a family with kids, please check out our resources on kids and dogs before you apply (