Basic Info:

14 months 
33 lbs 
Fun Fact:
Forever Rue! 
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Additional Info:

Good with kids 
Other Dogs?
Dog pal needed 
Good with Cats 
Not Required 
Activity Level:

RUE – Mini-Lab Mix / 14 Months / 15kg / F-Spayed

Your future BFF is here : her name is Rue!

Rue’s loving and positive personality makes her the perfect companion. She has a big heart and will share her affection to anyone that she gets to warm up to. Dogs, cats, people, you name it! She is a “the cup is half full” kind of girl and always does her best to hype you up and to brighten your day with lots of tail wags. As much as she can be a little kangaroo when she is excited to go on adventures with you, she also likes having chill moments where she can just lay down and be by your side. Rue loves to make new dog pals to play with and will be looking for an existing one in her forever home.

She is a smart pup who aims to please, which makes it great for learning new tricks. She has good house manners and sleeps in her crate at night. She is currently learning some basic tricks and is doing great with them. She loves going on outside adventures or walks and has shown good leash skills.

In her future home, Rue will need a loving and patient family who will happily guide her to grow into a confident pup. She would love to have a fenced yard to run around in but would also do great with many outside activities and daily walks. A dog pal is a must and she would happily join a home with an existing cat as well. Rue is sweet enough that she will do well with kids, but does need them to respect her boundaries as well.

If you think she is the pup you have been looking for, please check out Her adoption fee is $750. If you are a family with kids, please check out our resources on kids and dogs before you apply (