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10 months 
23 lbs 
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Perfect pup! 
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Other Dogs?
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Good with Cats 
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SCOUT – Mexi Mix / 10 Months / 24 lbs / M-Neutered 

Scout is the perfect mix of beauty and brains! The beauty part is obvious (look at that face!) As for the brains, this youngster already knows ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘place’, he goes to the backdoor when he needs a bathroom break, he waits patiently for his turn at meal time, and sleeps in his crate through the night without a peep.

This friendly and loving pup is affectionate with his foster parents, and loves meeting new people. Nothing makes Scout happier than being close to his people: he is an excellent work home buddy, and would love a family that can spend their days with him. He is always up for an adventure whether it’s a trip to the park, the pet store, or a simple walk around the neighbourhood. Scout is great in the car, he quietly looks out the window, or curls up in his car seat for a nap.

His ideal family would be active, enjoy long daily walks, and play time in a secure backyard. He loves following his nose, and likes ‘sniff and search’ activities, and we think he would enjoy scent detection training. As a typical teenager, Scout can be intent on getting his own way. This can be cute at times, but he would do best in a home with a set routine, clear boundaries, and a family that can offer him the daily enrichment that he deserves. For consistency while he settles into his new home, older kids are best.

Scout would prefer a dog pal, but would do okay as a solo dog: his perfect match would be a playful dog that is equal sized, or a bit larger than him. If there is not dog pal in the home, we’d love to hear your plans for play dates, and socialization. Scout passed his cat test, so a dog savvy cat would be fine (if he doesn’t have a K9 pal we suggest a cat free home, Scout is rough and tumble in his play style and would likely try to play with a cat if he doesn’t have a dog pal).

If you think Scout is the perfect pup for you, please check out for his adoption process and application. His adoption fee is $750. If you are a family with kids, please check out our resources on kids and dogs before you apply (