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4 years 
16 lbs 
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Now Leo! 
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Good with kids 
Other Dogs?
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Not Required 
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Not yet! 

Please welcome Canada’s newest, furry, four-legged citizen, Sebastian! This absolutely gorgeous cocker spaniel was taken to the Humane Society of Cozumel after he was found roaming the streets of the island. The second his foster mom saw his picture, she called dibs on him, and he arrived into foster care a few weeks later.
Sebastian is sweet, loving, and playful. Don’t let those sad puppy-dog eyes fool you; Sebastian is a happy guy! He spends his days napping on the couch at his foster home (snoring loudly), paying with his favourite toys, and following his foster parents around, everywhere! Sebastian is a “Velcro dog” and he always wants to be with his person. That said, Sebastian does very well in an extra large crate while his foster parents are at work and during the night. As long as Sebastian gets his regular exercise in, he will happily nap while you head off to work, and sleeps through the night no problem. He seems to enjoy the company of dogs that are smaller or the same size as him and will initiate play if they are up for it, but he seems to not quite as fond of larger dogs.

Sebastian is house trained and hasn’t has any accidents in his foster home. His house manners are very good, but he does have to be watched around the kitchen as he will try to check out what tasty snacks have been left on the counter. Sebastian loves to go for walks and play outside. A nice backyard where he can chase around his toys (and his people) would be ideal. An apartment/condo is not recommended for Sebastian as he tends to be quite vocal at times if he hears or sees people or other dogs, and once he starts barking he has a hard time quieting down; he must have a lot of important things to say!

Sebastian’s foster parents feel as though Sebastian has likely endured a lot in his short life. Although most of the time he is sweet as pie, he also has his moments where he is very stubborn and has the attitude of a moody teenager. Sebastian does tend to bark at people and dogs on walks, and his foster parents are working on socializing and teaching him some basic obedience to help control this behaviour. He seems to catch on to things pretty quickly, as he is such a smart boy! He will definitely benefit from working with a trainer who uses positive reinforcement methods.