Basic Info:

9 months 
35 lbs 
Fun Fact:
Now Ginny! 
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Other Dogs?
Good with dogs 
Good with Cats 
Activity Level:
High - puppy 
Not yet! 

SHAMI – Corgi-ish Lab Mix / 9 months / 16 kg / F-Spayed

We asked foster mom her favourite thing about Shami and her list was long: Shami is funny, courageous, persistent, smart, friendly, sweet, lovable. When pressed for one answer only, it was “very loving”, which is really the best answer of all! She loves foster mom, but she simply adores foster dad (maybe because he’s the one that feeds her). If we asked Shami what her favourite thing is, it may be “walks”. She loves getting out and seeing the world around her, whether she is with her foster brothers or on her own. Like most of us, starting her day with an hour of sunlight and exercise helps set the tone for an amazing day ahead.

She is still young and prioritizes playtime or training time, but when she puts her mind to it, she excels! She can now be considered house-trained and she has mastered sit, and she is working on fetch in her backyard. Having a secure yard for her to zip around in would be ideal.

We originally thought she would need a dog pal for confidence, but Shami has grown into a confident young girl, and would be fine as the only dog in the home. She adores playing with other dogs, so if she is solo, having canine friends in her life is a must. She did pass her cat test in Mexico (and we have the videos to prove it!)

If you can see Shami and you living the dream together, we would love to see your application! To apply to adopt Shami check out the adoption process and application at Her adoption fee is $750. If you are a family with kids, please check out our resources on kids and dogs before you apply (