Six and Seven

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1.5 years 
18 lbs 
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Mother & Daughter Duo 
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SIX & SEVEN – Scruffy Mix /1.5 years & 11 months /17lbs & 11lbs / F-Spayed / BONDED PAIR

Meet Six (whiter slightly larger pup) and Seven (browner and smaller pup). These two are a bonded pair and must stay together!

Six and Seven, an extraordinary mother-daughter duo who have overcome tremendous challenges together. Their journey began on the streets, where they lived with a homeless man in less than ideal conditions. Confined to a cramped cat carrier and suffering from severe malnutrition, they faced a difficult start in life. Upon learning of their plight, we felt compelled to step in and offer them a chance for a brighter future.

As a mother-daughter pair, Six and Seven share a deep bond forged through adversity. Initially shy around strangers due to their past experiences, they require a patient and understanding approach. However, once trust is earned, they blossom into affectionate companions, expressing their joy with playful barks and leaps of excitement. These resilient canines find solace in the company of other animals, enjoying the camaraderie of both dogs and cats alike. .

Six and Seven are now seeking a loving family to embark on their journey of healing and growth. They will require a home with a secure and fully fenced backyard. An active family that will take them on walks, hike and opportunities for exploration. They get along well with other dogs and they both passed their cat test in Mexico.

If you can see yourself with these two beauties being part of your day to day, please fill out an application at Their adoption fee is $1400 as a pair. If you are a family with kids, please check out our resources on kids and dogs before you apply (