Basic Info:

9 months 
25 lbs 
Fun Fact:
Now Pippen! 

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SPIKE – Spaniel Mix/ 9 Months/ 12kg/ M-Neutered/ $450

Spike is described by his rescuers in Mexico as an extra calm and loving little guy. He also has great manners and this sweetheart seems to like to figure out how to please his people. He even seems to have taught himself to politely sit and wait for his food to be ready at mealtime. Good boy Spike!

Spike gets along well with other dogs, but being a gentle young guy he can get intimidated by alpha dogs. He enjoys playing with kids. Spike has now had two cat tests. The first time he was placed with older cats and he seemed to want to play. For his second test Spike was introduced to a group of kittens; he was curious, calm and completely non-threatening.

Because he is still a pup we would like to see Spike placed in a home where his people will have lots of time to devote to him and will be able to work on puppy training. We suspect he would also do best in a home with a canine bff.

We’ll be learning more about Spike in foster and will be able to update with more information.

To apply, please visit www.dibsrescue.com.