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7 months 
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High - puppy 

TOMASIN – Mexi-Lab Mix / 7 Months / 14.5kg / M-Neutered

Welcome to Canada Tomasin! While it’s only been a few days since arriving, an update is in order because this guy is as sweet as can be!

Here are some highlights, shared by his foster mom!
• Super affectionate. Loves to give kisses, even to the resident cat who is less than thrilled. Will literally melt in your hand if you pet him under the chin – actually he likes to be pet everywhere.
• Likely good with kids. Youngest kid in the foster home is 10 year old girl who he follows everywhere and is quite sad she’s gone to school for the day.
• Housetrained. Not one accident in the house since arriving!
• Crate trained! Goes in on his own to rest and sleeps in there all night without a peep until the family gets up for the day.
• Can be shy and timid but that’s expected because of all the new experiences. Will grow out of this with time, training and confidence building.
• Hasn’t quite figured out toys yet, but not destructive. Although socks seem fun!
• Quiet, only barked a few times in the short time he’s been here.
• Haven’t noticed any bad habits except trying to lick my coffee cup on the coffee table. No resource guarding. Very gentle taking treats.
• Loyal, always close by or sitting by your feet.
• Will need a dog pal to show him the ropes.
• Dog friendly. Resident dogs have tried to engage him but he’s nervous to play with the “older, cool crowd” just yet but sure it will happen eventually.
• The cutest “butterfly” pigment on his nose, so unique!

To apply to adopt Tomasin, check out the adoption process and application at His adoption fee is $870. If you are a family with kids, please check out our resources on kids and dogs before you apply (