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VICO – Terrier mix / 1 year / 11kg / M-Neutered / $500

Looking for the perfect playful pal? Meet Vico! This little cutie checks all the boxes: Scruffy? Check! Sweet and Snuggly? Check! Social? Check! Silly? Check! This energetic pup likes to greet everyone he meets, with dogs and people being his favourite, and enjoys giving kisses. Vico is a big fan of chewies and stuffies and can even entertain himself with a game of solo fetch!

Vico is always up for adventure, from car and boat rides to off-leash parks, hikes and just running on a long leash. The ideal family for this cutie is an active one with a secure yard, possible dog sibling and slightly older kids. Cats (and squirrels) need not apply – unless they like playful pups! Vico sleeps well at night in his bed (gotta maintain that signature bed-head look), is a good listener and sits well for treats.

If you’re interested in Vico, please apply at If you’re a family with kids, please check out our resources on kids and dogs before you apply (http://dibsrescue/kids-dogs/)