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VIPER – Scruffian / 1.5 yrs / 6.5 kg / M-Neutered / $450

Viper is a lovely little guy, who is doing the best he can! He has obviously had some abuse in the past, and people need to mind their manners around him. Nothing complicated: people need to respect his space, especially when he is sleeping. This is normal stuff for a dog, but Viper is a bit on guard due to whatever happened in his past. He was found outside a VIP variety store (hence his name) so who knows what abuse he suffered from people around him. For this same reason, we remind people to use verbal commands with him. This is our wish for any dog, but we like to remind people, before he does!
He’s super smart, he aims to please. He loves belly rubs and will flop over when approached. In his foster home, he jumps for joy when his human foster brother comes home. With the existing dogs, he is incredibly kind to both the oddball dogs, adjusting himself to their personalities. He is great with cats, but we are asking for a kid-free home for him, due to his past.

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