Basic Info:

10 months 
22 lbs 
Fun Fact:
Now Penelope! 
Foster Location:

Additional Info:

Good with kids 
Other Dogs?
Dog pal needed 
Good with Cats 
Not Required 
Activity Level:
Not yet! 
Female / Neutered / $425
Breed Guess:  Hound/Whippet/cross
Age:  10 months
Weight:  20 lbs
WILLOW is a very sweet, happy and friendly puppy who loves to be with her people.  She is still a bit shy/timid, so can be in the shadow of her foster mom, at times.  She continues to gain confidence every day as she is adjusting to her new life in Canada!
Willow is an active and busy puppy, but not what I would consider ‘hyper’.  She is long and lanky, and can run fast and is very agile, so a  home with a nice sized, very secure yard is a must for her to run and play!!   She is a very sensitive girl, so new and unexpected/loud noises can easily startle/throw her off and make her very nervous, so she will need to get out and experience many different and various situations to help her with this. She is good with cats / dogs and even kids – but she is shy, so she will benefit from a rowdy-free home!
She is a very good puppy, mostly housetrained (only a couple of accidents).  She is a busy pup, so she can get bored easily and want to ‘chew’, so have plenty of durable chew toys/bones handy for this sweet girl.  She’s pretty low key for the most part, and will just want to snuggle up next to you quietly at night while watching tv.   As with any puppy (or any dog!) training classes are a requirement to continue with her learning and to build bonds/trust.  Willow knows ‘sit’ and will sit for her dinner and treats and she comes when called/very attentive.  She walks well on leash and is keen to just follow you wherever you go as she takes in all the sights and smells.  She has recently found her ‘voice’ , so unknown noises in the house will sometimes cause her to bark, so she will not be suitable for apartment/condo living.
Willow sometimes likes to take comfort/security in her crate with the door open when everyone is home and will go there on her own.   She is one of the most silliest, quirkiest puppies we’ve fostered!   She will crack you up with her antics, but beware not to fall into the trap of ‘she’s so cute’, otherwise you’ll be in trouble.  Don’t fall for those pretty puppy eyes and that adorable face either…  or she’ll know she has you! (okay, maybe just a little) 😉   Willow will need a dedicated owner who can provide her with structure and routine, along with ongoing training to be best puppy she was meant to be!