Basic Info:

9 months 
25 lbs 
Fun Fact:
So beautiful! 

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XENA – Scruffian / 9 months / 10kg / F-Spayed / $450

Have you ever had something in your life that instantly made you smile just by seeing it? Well, that’s this girl… meet Xena! Take an extra second to browse through her photos. Go ahead. We dare you not to smile.

Despite losing two of her brothers due to a car accident in the busy streets of Mexico, and being separated from her mom (we’re making every effort to rescue Xena’s mom as well!), Xena’s mission in life is to make everyone around her the happiest clam in the world! She’s the friendliest pup who loves nothing more than being with her humans and running around in the park. Xena is also very food/ treat motivated. Give her a small dose and she’ll gladly follow you around with that sweet face to remind you, “Hi! I’m cute. Do you see? Treat, please.”

If being the happiest pup on the block isn’t enough for you, Xena is also dog social, kid-friendly, walks well on leash, crate trained, and is down for a good car ride. Let’s admit it. She checks ALL the boxes.