Applicant Phone Screen Report

Thank you for helping with applicant phone screening for DIBS!  Please contact the applicant directly to arrange a time that works for you, as well as them.

A few phone screen (PS) tips:

  • Prior to the call, familiarize yourself with the application and the bio for the dog (if applicable).
  • It is suggested that prior to contacting an applicant, if possible use call blocking first to protect your privacy.
  • Start the call by saying: “Call will take about 45 minutes, I have lots of questions and at the end, I am sure you will have questions for me”.
  • Suggest to clarify if the dog has several applications. For instance: “Doggie has been so popular – thank you for applying. We have 3 applications that are being reviewed.”  We want to be clear on expectations, as often a dog gets many great apps, and another application is simply a better fit.  Do not recommend a dog.
  • Stay on track. The call can get long easily – stick to the script. If applicant deviates too much, remind them “I do have lots more questions” so they can turn it back over to you.
  • The screener should not be sharing opinions, making recommendations, discussing dogs – this is our chance to learn about the applicants.  You need to be in listening mode.
  • Give applicants a chance to ask questions. (Can be a challenge with some as the call can go sideways)
  • Explain the application process, and let them know next steps
  • After the chat, thank them for their time and inform them that they will be contacted by DIBS Rescue for the next and final step which is a home visit. (Or they can contact DIBS directly)
  • Always be kind and courteous. They applied for a rescue dog – we are thankful, whether they are a fit or not.

Please complete the form below. Ensure you get the confirmations that you have submitted correctly, before you exit the form.

SCREENERS – please be sure are set up for confirmations. You need to have on your email safe-list/white-list (alternatively, you can add our IP  You getting confirmations along the way, is key to navigating this process smoothly.