1. Airport Lead.  There will be one DIBS “Airport Lead” person at the airport. Airport lead person will need contact info for the flight escort, so they can discuss progress/address questions.
2.  There will be a “Commercial Volunteer” at a second office to help with fees.
3. Foster parents picking up their foster dog

Know which terminal and where to park!!!  (This is not a fun mistake to make!  If you make the mistake, do not take the train between terminal…go back to your car and go to correct terminal)

Terminal 3
– Air Transat/Westjet/Interjet

  • Arrivals within Terminal 3 – far end of the terminal
  • Park at Terminal 3 parking – 4E (this is closest to the arrivals gate, and is a good meeting spot to swap crates, bags, etc). To find 4e, keep following the signs for Sheraton Hotel until you get to level 3, then go towards E section. Park at Aisle 6, near the blue wall.

Terminal 1 – Air Canada

  • Arrivals within Terminal 1 – International (near the Starbucks)
  • Park at Terminal 1 Parking.  There are 2 entrances: enter “express park” section (good for staying 3 hours or less). This gets you in on level 4. Park at row E (aim for spot/columns 4 to 18 area). Head towards arrivals. Walkway will take you into terminal, take elevator/escalator down to arrivals.


  • Be sure you check (and double check) actual flight arrival time (vs scheduled time). FlightAware is a great satellite tracker.
  • Aim to be at the airport 60-80 mins after the plane lands. This is likely to get you there a bit early. The escort will need to bring the dog through customs, and the dogs seem to go to the back of the line.
  • Don’t get there too soon, as parking gets expensive (fast). DIBS will cover parking costs, within reason.
    • Bring minimal distractions – no small kids, no dogs. You will need to be 100% there for your new pup.
    • Get a luggage cart for your dog crate
    • Once the dog comes out, get the vet paperwork first.

Airport Lead will take care of these things for you

  • Reimbursing the flight parent for customs fees
  • Get a group photo of the escort with the dogs in the crate (we always share these with the escorts and the mexi rescues)
  • Getting vet records from flight parent and giving to each foster parent
  • When available, they will bring supplies to the airport
  • Please stay in sync with airport lead and once complete hand-off is done, you can take your pup home!

Foster Dog Interaction

  • Dog stays in the crate. Crate goes into the car. Never remove the dog from the crate, until you are home. Dogs have been lost in the airport with other rescues. Absolutely – NEVER.
  • Tip for when at home – get them outside asap. Have food and water ready, as they’ve had a long day.
    • Tip from a DIBS foster mom: My routine is – take the crate right outside in the back yard. Clip crate open and let the dog come out slowly, while I grab their (prepared) food and water dishes. Let them sniff around, take their time, pee and poop (hopefully). I will bring out my dog after the dog has had some time.
  • Keep crate at your home, until we arrange a central pick up spot to return (or return to Christine in Mississauga or Candice in Whitby)
Fun Facts!
  • Terminal 1 is for Air Canada. Terminal 3 is for all other flights.
  • Check flight times a few hours in advance.
    • Flightradar24 and Flightaware both show in flight routes and ETA
    • Aviability shows scheduled flight times. Reminder to check this site for scheduled flight time (selecting the right date)