This pandemic has been hard on us – our pets included. Now, things are returning to a version of normal. It’s somewhat exciting and a bit nerve-wracking to some. We will see more people out and about, and visitors will start coming into your home.
For your dogs, they can only be thinking “WHAT THE HECK!” – and that is ok. In fact, it may be a bit normal, after the past 18 months. It can be concerning when your dog doesn’t greet strangers with excitement in his own home – but you’ve got this! Think about this from your dog’s perspective. He has no idea what has changed, why people are coming into the home suddenly, and he has forgotten what it all means. It’s up to you to set the stage and ensure your dog’s needs are met.
It’s all going to be ok: just invest in your pup (as if they were part of your family)
This article may help you to prepare and practice.

‘Stranger Danger’: Reduce Your Dog’s Anxiety When Meeting People