As you may have heard, all dogs in DIBS foster homes have a Tractive device on them during all daytime hours.  We know that dogs can get loose while on a walk, in a park, or just bolting out of the front door of a home.

When a dog is adopted, the new owners have the option to purchase their own Tractive, to help keep track of their dog (even if it’s just for the first year).

What you would need to purchase:
– The device for $70
– Subscription fees – can be as low as $8 a month depending on your plan.  You can sign up for monthly, yearly or longer (DIBS purchased the 2 year plans to get the best rate)
– We have a link on our website – lower left of each page. If you order via this link, DIBS gets a small percentage back (approx 9%). Direct affiliate link is here

Why did DIBS decide to standardize on Tractive?
We wanted a device that had good range, a good battery life, was affordable and was on a public network. Some cheaper required on data input based on spotting a dog (ie, see a dog, go to the app, input location you see the dog, so the finder can check that app to find a recent location). For us, we wanted an app to be able to real time track the dog, and we wanted the GPS feature. As we share between fosters, we didn’t want it connected to a specific cellular plan.
But, do look around. You want a device that will work for you!

To get started with Tractive
– Click the link on the DIBS website to order (shipping and tax are included)
– It takes 2-3 days to arrive, so if you are adopting a new dog, you may want to order soon.
– Once you get it, login via your computer desktop or via the app on your mobile device.
– Purchase the subscription plan that works for you.

– Charge every single night. The charge lasts 2-5 days in regular mode.Typically you will be in regular mode, but if you need more intense tracking, you’d switch to “live” mode. This does send more signals, so the battery drains more quickly.
– You can “share” tracking with other people, so the main account may be registered to one device, but can invite other family members via share. (The DIBS admin can see the same info on her phone app, ipad app, and website)