As you may have heard, all dogs in DIBS foster homes have a Tractive device on them during all daytime hours.
We know that dogs can get loose while on a walk, in a park, or just bolting out of the front door of a home.

When a dog is adopted, we want to ensure their safety, and Tractive is a great tool for that!  As part of our adoption contract, we require the Tractive be used for a minimum of one year. However, many adopters love it and renew their subscription, or they may use it for vacation coverage (monthly subscription – once the first year is up)

How much is it going to cost?

  • The device retails for $70 but Tractive offers the device free, for DIBS adopters (with the payment of the subscription)
  • Subscription fees – the annual plan is approximately $145

Why did DIBS decide to standardize on Tractive?
We wanted a device that had good range (tractive range is worldwide), a good battery life, was affordable and was on a public network. Some cheaper options required on data input based on spotting a dog (ie, see a dog, go to the app, input location you see the dog, so the finder can check that app to find a recent location). For us, we wanted an app to be able to real-time track the dog, and we wanted the GPS feature. As we share between fosters, we didn’t want it connected to a specific cellular plan.
But, do look around. You want a device that will work for you!

As an adopter of a new DIBS dog, this is how it works!
Option 1
– Your dog is wearing a Tractive from the day they arrive in Canada. It is brand new for them (each foster parent gets a new-in-box device per dog)
– You take over the subscription from us. We have initiated a 1-year subscription and we pay it during the dog’s time in foster care. Once the adoption date is determined, we pro-rate the annual subscription and transfer that subscription to you.  Bonus for you: Tractive has waived the cost of the device for DIBS adopters, so you have an automatic $70 savings.

Option 2You have an existing registered Tractive that can be used for your new dog.
– We will request proof of subscription
– May be best to start fresh, as you will get a new/current device

– Charge every single night. The charge lasts 2-5 days in regular mode, but if your dog gets lost, you want full charge on your device. Typically you will be in regular mode, but if you need more intense tracking, you’d switch to “live” mode. This enhanced mode does send more signals, so the battery drains more quickly.
– You can “share” tracking with other people, so the main account may be registered to one device, but can invite other family members via share. (The DIBS admin can see the same info on her phone app, iPad app, and website)

NEW & FUN:  Tractive loves us right back, it seems!

Video of how DIBS works with Tractive, featuring our very own Mary!


Check out their blog post on us: