Fostering, Screening, Home Visits, Escort, and more.


This is the biggest commitment when it comes to volunteering. You are welcoming a dog into your home, and taking the time to ensure they find the perfect family. You know the dog the best, so your opinion is very important to determining the right home. In addition to the biggest responsibility, you also get the biggest reward. If you have been on the fence about fostering, try it once. You will be amazed at the evolution that “your” dog goes through while in your care.

Screening (via phone)

Once an applicant applies for a dog, there are several steps of the screening process that they go through. Often, the foster family requests to do the phone screen, as they know the dog the best. But, we realize this is not always an option time-wise. (Timing is key, as a person looking for a dog is likely to apply for many dogs in one night. You want to ensure you aren’t last in line, just in case the applicant is perfect for “your” dog.) You will be required to complete the screening paperwork and submit to DIBS for the next step.  More info is available here

Home Visits

The final stage, pre-approval, is the home visit. This is done by a volunteer who resides close to the applicant. There is predetermined list of questions that you can review and watch for during the home visit. At the end of a home visit, a report is submitted to DIBS with your feedback and recommendations.  More info is available here


Most DIBS dogs come into Ontario via Pearson, but not all fosters are able to make that trip. Volunteers can pick up the dogs at terminal 3 (Air Transat flies dogs for free!) and drive them to their foster homes (could be Mississauga, Scarborough, Oakville)


This is a fun one, but requires you to have travel plans!!! All we ask is, if you are traveling to Cancun, please book Air Transat or Air Canada, and let us know! We will do the rest to ensure that 3-4 dogs get to travel home with you! Take a vacation and save a life (and we guarantee you will meet some pretty awesome people too!)  More info listed here


On occasion, we do events, promoting our dogs. Its always great to have extra hands!


We are always in need of donations. We are a non-profit and rely on adoption fees and donations to continue to rescue. Beyond money, items are needed – hard and soft travel crates for dogs are appreciated! Stop by your local dollar store and get some collars, dog bowls, the long red 20ft tie out leads (dollarama), toys. We will send them to Mexico for you! Air Transat will send these items back to Mexico for free (with a travel escort)


If you have visited the DIBS Facebook page or website, you will better understand rescue vs breeders. Thank you!!! Spread the word
• Spay and neuter (did you know that one unaltered dog can be responsible for 6000 dogs within 6 years!)
• Breeder vs rescue vs puppy mill
• Pure-bred vs mixed-breed